Make & Believe


2024.01.13 Sat28 Sun


(Closed on Mondays; Free Registration: https://art-mate.net/doc/71411)


F Hall Studio, Tai Kwun
(10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong)


The notion of “fiction” and “real” is intertwined within the theatre. No matter how verisimilar the play may seem, the audience may not perceive it as real; vice versa, no matter how illusory and surreal a narrative gets to be, one can still exercise their imagination and be fully immersed in the narrative. Once stepped into the theatrical space, the audience gets to suspend their disbelief and be ready to participate in a collective “act” of fabrication – for one becomes an active spectator, the “comrade” to “conspire” an impossible reality.

Make & Believe harkens to the 2023 theatrical-installation performance We are for real, nonetheless, unfolding its narration in an exhibition space instead of a theatrical space. As the narrative context shifts, the previous distinction between “fictive” and “real” is eradicated, projecting alienated expectations and assumptions from the participating audience. In this regard, the collective experiment constructed in the theatre destructs into an individual experience with a deeper introspective focus. It liberates the audience's unidirectional visual perspectives from the spectator seats into a scattered, all-around spectacle by allowing them to free roam within the exhibition hall. Are these transformations equipping the audience with an omniscient vision that was absent as a theatre spectator? Leaving the narrative-driven theatrical space, can the audience perceive implicit messages between and outside of the lines of the exhibits?

In Make & Believe, we invite you to join the conspiracy again - in an exhibition hall where the performers are absent. The audience is left to conceive and perceive by engaging their senses, rediscovering the idiosyncratic performative qualities of scenery, installations, lighting and soundscapes, collaging fragments of existence, non-existence, reality, “the truth” and imagination, in turn constructing their perceptual landscapes. Can the myriad of sensual stimulations, inspire one to rely on intuition to perceive and conceive, travelling inward to search for meaning and answers?

In collaboration with Tung Wing-hong (Mechanical Installation), Ng Tsz-kwan (Mechanical Installation), Ho Sin-tung (Text / Painting / Installation), Human Wu (Scenography), Lam Lai (Music / Soundscape) and Lau Ming-hang (Lighting), these multi-disciplinary artists excelling in different mediums collectively interweave a rhapsody of Gesamtkunstwerk (a total work of art) by echoing with one another while preserving each individual's creative authenticity for the visitors to feast.

During the exhibition period, several curated performances will be presented. A brand-new composition crafted by Lam Lai, brought by three renowned musicians, Nazar Tabachyshyn (Accordion), Tiffany Au Kai-see (Bassoon) and Wilson Chau Siu-hin (French Horn), will accompany the soundscape installations to render an illuminating music creation. Creative performers from We are for real, including KT Yau Ka-hei, Anson Chan Wai-chung, Pearlmi Tam and Tung Chung-can, will also be offering a new collaborative performance on-site. Stay tuned for the shows!

We cordially invite you to be mesmerised by the “staged exhibition”, unleashing all your talents and senses to enjoy the meticulously crafted scenography. Come dialogue with the collective creation, challenge yourself and rediscover what are the “real” and “truth” to you.

Curator & Producer

Orlean Lai

Orlean Lai successively established orleanlaiproject and No Discipline Limited. In the role of curator and producer, she continues to initiate different forms of hybrid collaborations, inviting creative talents across disciplines to conduct cross-domain experiments together, exploring possibilities in different presentation formats, blurring the boundaries between art genres and medium.

Orlean is particularly fascinated with intermedia constructions. In her theatre productions, she likes to introduce visual artists, sound artists and music creators into the theatre, attempting to elicit works that depart from the conventional “theatre” mindset within the theatre context, thereby broadening the imagination and possibilities of the theatre. Orlean was the recipient of the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship in 2016.

www.nodisciplinelimited.hk / www.orleanlaiproject.net


In Collaboration with

Tung Wing-hong has been focusing on new media and kinetic installation since he received his Master of Fine Arts degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2014. His works combine art and technological practice, presenting unique and humane new media works.

He has been honoured as the UOB Installation Artist of the Year and received the Gold Award in the Established Artist Category in the UOB Golden Garden Installation Art Award 2015. He has participated in multiple exhibitions related to art and technology, including Sensory Transcode of ARTS‧TECH Exhibition, Nevertheless, History Continues Media Arts Exhibition, Algorithmic Art: Shuffling Space and Time, and has been commissioned by institutions to create works for exhibitions, including the 2022 Hong Kong-Macao Visual Art Biennale - Perceptual & Intellectual, Hi! Flora, Fauna, Before.After, etc. Recently, he has ventured into theatre with kinetic sculptures in We are for Real.

Photo Credit: Thomson Ho


A multimedia artist and designer cum the co-founder and Executive Creative Director of yucolab. After graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and later the Central Saint Martins College of Art in London in 2000, he is devoted to practising new media technology in the art, commercial exhibition, museum sectors, etc. His works continuously delved into media technology and space’s influences on human perception.

Photo Credit: Thomson Ho

Ho Sin-tung was born and lives in Hong Kong. She graduated from the Fine Arts Department in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2018. Her artistic practices include drawing, installation, video and writing. Navigating through the texts and different materials, those that haunt her and cannot be named are transformed in her works. Ho’s penfriend describes her as “regarding the dead as the living. Giving objects, events and knowledge the status of the living. In Ho’s artistic world, these subjects have their own face and dignity despite not being categorised.”

Ho is also the founder of the space “Good Night” which adopts sports as a framework for alternative cross-medium cultural practices. The space is committed to building stronger individuals and communities.

Photo Credit: Thomson Ho

An architectural designer and educator based in Hong Kong. After working at world-renowned offices in New York, Basel, and Hong Kong, he is now the Founding Director of his own practice, Human Architects. Human graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and is currently appointed as Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. His writing on architecture and art has been published in various magazines including CLOG, San Rocco, MONU, Time+Architecture, Art Plus, Sample, and dance journal/hk.

Lam Lai graduated from the Department of Composition and Electronic Music at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and further studied at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Lam has been expanding the meaning and properties of performance by employing various elements of theatre while working on the concept of music, exploring a space where different concepts of listening experience can coexist and advance towards a balance with other art forms. Her activity as a composer is not limited to instrumental music but it is also extends to her multidisciplinary works, which predominantly feature electronic sounds and performative elements. She also collaborates with theatre directors, choreographers, actors and visual artists, exploring performance spaces that range from indoor and outdoor to virtual. Her works have been presented in Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Iceland.

A creator of pop-up book story theatres, paper art artist, and theatre lighting designer. He has spent the past decade creating multiple “pop-up book story theatres” that blend three-dimensional paper art, light and shadow, and the aesthetics of theatre performance. He has been nominated multiple times for the Hong Kong Drama Awards for Best Lighting Design. His design works include productions such as Three Sisters by Theatre du Pif, Woman Watching by Rebecca Wong and Somnium by No Discipline Limited. 

Lau has served as a board member of the Hong Kong Association of Theatre Technicians and Scenographers (HKATTS). In 2019 and 2023, he curated the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, and travelled to Prague to organise exhibition events. His paper-cutting works have been featured in solo exhibitions in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Crew and Sponsors

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Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Programme PartnerProgramme Partner

Tai Kwun

Curator & ProducerCurator & Producer

Orlean Lai

Mechanical InstallationMechanical Installation

Tung Wing-hong
Ng Tsz-kwan

Text / Painting / InstallationText / Painting / Installation

Ho Sin-tung


Human Wu

Music / SoundscapeMusic / Soundscape

Lam Lai


Lau Ming-hang

Creative PerformersCreative Performers

KT Yau Ka-hei
Anson Chan Wai-chung
Pearlmi Tam
Tung Chung-can


Nazar Tabachyshyn (Accordion)
Tiffany Au Kai-see (Bassoon)
Wilson Chau Siu-hin (French Horn) 

Mechatronics Engineering and ProgrammingMechatronics Engineering and Programming

Tung Wing-hong
Fung Wing-lam

Electronics Programming Consultant Electronics Programming Consultant

Thomas Ip

Production Manager / Stage ManagerProduction Manager / Stage Manager

Tsui Wai-hong (Voyu)

Stage & Deputy Stage ManagerStage & Deputy Stage Manager

Chan Lok-sze


Lorin Siu

Sound EngineerSound Engineer

Tse Kam-po

Lighting AssistantLighting Assistant

Hui Wing-yan

Technical AssistantTechnical Assistant

Kel Lok

Assistant Stage ManagersAssistant Stage Managers

Fork Chun-pong 
Cheung Wai-man


Team Africa 

Graphic DesignGraphic Design

Peterbird Studio

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No Discipline Limited

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